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Saweetie Sparks Debate After Saying Men Should Buy Their Women Birkin



Saweetie Says Women Should Dump Their Man If He Can't Buy Them A Birkin Or Pay Their Bills

Saweetie Advises Women To Dump Their Man If He Can’t Buy Them A Birkin Or Pay Their Bills

Saweetie and her rapper boyfriend Quavo, recently shared a PSA online and it’s been causing heated debate on social media. Precisely, folks on Twitter are irritated with the message and it’s since been trending on the platform.

“If he not getting you a Birkin, if he not paying for your bills, then throw that n***a back to the streets, okay?” Saweetie said on Quavo’s Instagram Live this week.

Twitter users have been criticizing the couple for spreading this message instead of preaching love, trust, and other important values to keep in a relationship.


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A quick reality check is that if you’re not making hundreds of thousands of dollars, there’s no way that you’re buying your partner a Birkin bag. You’ll go bankrupt if you try.

“I swear.. Moneybagg yo / Ari … Lil Baby / Jayda … Quavo /Saweetie… relationship on shaderoom got basic broke h*es thinking they suppose to get designer bags and cars too. Hell na… Ari Jayda and Saweetie rich… yall h*es broke asf..” DJ Akademiks tweeted in response.

“Bitches been fucked in the backseat by numerous niggas and think they deserve a birkin like Saweetie, bitch you wasn’t even good enough for a bed,” a male Twitter user wrote.

“The mens are really rattled over Saweetie’s Birkin bag comment init lol, if it’s not in ya tax bracket you really shouldn’t worry,” a lady countered. See more reactions below:

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