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Rah Ali Claims Ari Fletcher Is Sleeping With Her Ex & Cheating On Moneybagg Yo



Rah Ali Accuses Ari Fletcher Of Sleeping With Her Ex & Cheating On Moneybagg Yo

Rah Ali Accuses Ari Fletcher Of Sleeping With Her Ex & Cheating On Moneybagg Yo

Nicki Minaj’s friend Rah Ali, famously known for her part in Cardi and Nicki’s beef and the physical altercation that happened couple of years back. Well, she is back in the headlines for yet another vicious verbal exchange. This time around, she’s against Instagram star Ari Fletcher.

Last week, Ari threatened to beat up the pregnant reality star, and Rah Ali has returned with a story of why she and Fletcher are at loggerhead… And it’s with scathing cheating allegations.

Ari Fletcher has been in a relationship with Moneybagg Yo for some time. However, Rah Ali claims that Ari has been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend. “Having all the facts laid out, I’m gonna let you in on this. For the past several months, several months, for about nine to ten months, Ari has been f*cking my ex,” Ali said.


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Bagg Day! Love you Daddy ❤️

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“Ari may get on social media and portray the image that she is so happy and in love in her relationship, but it’s all an act,” Rah Ali continued.

“She’s laughing, she’s doing everything in between with this n*gga. Any second that she has free, that she’s not in Bagg’s face begging for attention from him, she’s getting it from this n*gga. Any second that she has free, that she’s not in Bagg’s face begging for attention from him, she’s getting it from this n*gga. And that is where the passion and the hate came [from].”

Couple of weeks back, a fan asked if Ari plans on getting married to thr the rapper and she made her answer point clear. “No,” she wrote before confirming that she was not hacked.

Listen to Rah Ali’s claims below :


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Brace yourselves #Clique, because this factual tea is piping hot! Rah Ali took to her #1 radio show Onsite on Tuesday night where she responded to Ari Fletcher’s threats against her and her baby. While laying out all the facts of what led up to the drama and reminding her listeners how supportive the Onsite platform has been of Ari in the past, Rah dug deep into her bag to inform us of exactly why Ari had the gall to say such a crass threat towards her. Well, it turns out y’all favorite ‘Pooh’ has been sleeping with Rah’s old joint. If you can recall, after threatening to “beat the baby” out of the reality star, Ari proceeded to DM Rah another threat claiming that “yo baby daddy gonna be mad tonight.” What we ended up learning through the Tuesday night show, is that the “baby daddy” Ari was referring to was NOT Rah’s actual husband, it was her ex that Ari is currently, and has been sleeping with for 10 months now. Rah proceeded to provide receipts and context of Ari’s side relationship with her ex that she entertains whenever Moneybaggyo is too busy to give her the attention she constantly craves. If you’re wondering why Ari has been silent since last week……well it’s because the ex told Ari to ‘aht aht’. Just last week, Fletcher commented on an Onsite IG Post that shared her tweets, “No I’m not, WTF you talking about”. After being reminded that the ONSITE blog had only shared her own words and asking “what’s good?”, Fletcher responded with a threat, “RAH I WILL BEAT THE BABY OUT YO A** B*TCH FIND YOU SOMEBODY 40 AND UP TO PLAY WITH H*E.” When looking back at Fletcher’s violent history of threatening others, the evidence is borderline comical to say the least. There have been instances of Fletcher threatening to “Send 50 shots” at the MOTHERS of TSR bloggers. She supported the horrific threats by taking to twitter and stating, “I hope everyone who works at the Shaderoom die, every single last one of y’all ass.” It’s these types of threats we often see influencers use against media outlets to prevent them from posting unsatisfactory news about them. But they love it when they send the post in themselves. Aside from her threats against the media,

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