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Lizzo Struggles To Remove Pastie She Left On Her Nipple



Lizzo Finds It Difficult To Remove Nipple Pasties She Left On For Two Days

Lizzo Finds It Difficult To Remove Nipple Pasties She Left On For Two Days

Lizzo shared a funny clip on her Instagram page last night. The Pop singer posted a one-minute video of her struggling with her nipple pastie, which was firmly glued to her breast.

The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer can be seen finding it difficult to pull out the nipple pastie, which seemingly did not want to come off.

“Help, my nipple pastie won’t come off,” she cried, “I’m scared, it’s been on for two days. I don’t know what to do—it hurts so bad” After a couple unsuccessful yanks, she continues, “I’ve put oil on it. Oh my god you guys…I think I’m taking off the skin.”


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After her failed attempt to remove the stubborn pastie, and in evident heaps of pain from her attempts to do so, Lizzo declares at the end of the video she’s taking a much-needed break.

As noted by HNHH, her fans were in the comments section, with suggestions on how she can easily remove the pastie, from soaking the it in warm water, to smearing it with Vaselline and blow-drying it.

Eventually, she was able to pull it off. Lizzo posted an IG Story of her success, showing the pastie in front of the camera and flinging it behind her shortly after her initial post.

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