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Lil Baby’s Baby Mama Shades Him After Their Son Jason’s 5th Birthday



Lil Baby's Baby Mama Disses Him After Their Son's Rap Debut

Lil Baby’s Son Baby Jason Makes Rap Debut Prompting His Mama To Diss Rapper

Couple of months, Lil Baby was called out by the mother of his first child Ayesha for being an irresponsible father. She alleged that he didn’t pay for his son Jason’s school fees which got him sent home from school.

The 4PF head honcho later made it known that he has some checks he ain’t touched yet because they’re for his children.

However, Jason celebrated his fifth birthday this weekend and Ayesha shared clips and pictures of the best moments from his party, which included a dope 4PF cake and the youngin’s own rap debut on stage.

Baby Jason grabbed the microphone and showed off his skills, following in his father’s footsteps and impressing his classmates and friends. Unfortunately, the moment was tainted on social media when Ayesha called Lil Baby out for his lack of support yet again.

“All that matters is that my son is happy I don’t care about Petty childish mad ass people and there sucker moves I’m gone always stand behind mine,” she wrote in response to a fan that said it’ll be nice if Lil Baby was at the party.

“And there isn’t a man or woman that could change that and that’s the difference. And I plan on instilling the real in my son as long as I breed a real man out this situation I could truly careless about anything else.”

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