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21 Savage’s Alleged Shooter Robs Stunna 4 Vegas Of His Jewelry



Stunna 4 Vegas Gets Robbed By 21 Savage's Alleged Shooter 5th Ward Greedy - Posts Chain Online

Stunna 4 Vegas Gets Robbed By 21 Savage’s Alleged Goon 5th Ward Greedy – Posts Chain Online

Rapper 21 Savage‘s goon 5th Ward Greedy, seems to have robbed rival rapper Stunna 4 Vegas of his jewelry. And now 21’s homies are all over social media, flashing the stolen jewelry.

Yesterday 21’s noxious shooter 5th Ward Greedy posted a video with Stunna 4 Vegas’ diamond ring, and explained that the rapper “didn’t check into his city.”

Greedy later posted a pic of the ring on social media, and he tagged Stunna and told him to “pay up” if he wants his jewelry back. Stunna 4 Vegas is a rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his singles “Animal,” which features fellow rapper DaBaby, and “Up The Smoke” with Offset.

However, Stunna has taken back to Instagram to clarify what actually happened, the rapper said that somebody did get ahold of his chains but that a car was stolen with his jewelry inside of it.

Nobody snatched no chain from me,” said Stunna. “I’m in Atlanta, I show love and I get the most love in Atlanta. N***as who did that shit, I ain’t even talked to them. I done talked to 20 n***as swearing they can get my shit, but they talkin’ bout a number.”

He continued, “I ain’t paying for nothing I done already bought. I want my shit cause it’s my shit, it’s all about the principle, you feel me? I just want my chains.”

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