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Masika Kalysha Responds To Being Fired From UMC TV Show ‘Double Cross’



Masika Kalysha Issues Statement After Being Fired From TV Show 'Double Cross': "It's So Disheartening"

Masika Kalysha Issues Statement After Being Fired By UMC; “It’s So Disheartening”

Masika Kalysha felt the wrath of the internet after she faked being kidnapped, allegedly to promote her OnlyFans page. Although she’s apologized and explained why she did so, UMC has fired her from popular TV show ‘Double Cross’.

“In light of the offensive video posted by Masika Kalysha while on the set of our series, “Double Cross,” we’ve made the decision to part ways with her immediately and will be recasting her role,” UMC wrote in a statement shared on their social media pages.

“Double Cross” was created to shed light on the horrors of sex trafficking and we strongly condemn any inclination that such a serious issue should be made light of.”


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Masika has now taken to Twitter to react to the firing. “It’s so disheartening when people u should be able to trust, completely turn on u when u perform the tasks asked of u,” she began.

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“I was enlisted to help BECAUSE of my popularity, platform, talent & business knowledge, the very things these people needed & used to turn on me for selfish gain.”

Masika continued, “The rug has be completely pulled from beneath me. My entire team is disheartened & in disbelief. You can’t love me because I’m “salacious” & outspoken & also hate me for the same reasons. It’s a tremendously daunting feeling to be used & left for dead.

“I will be less trusting of my platform & my energy. I’m so grateful for my team and my faith. What’s done in the dark will come to light… soon,” she added.

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