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50 Cent Recalls Disrespectful Meeting With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar At The Airport



50 Cent Recounts His Awful Meeting With Kareem Abdul Jabbar At The Airport 

50 Cent Recounts His Awful Meeting With Kareem Abdul Jabbar At The Airport

50 Cent is undeniably a Legend in the entertainment world, he’s been a great rapper and has divulged into many other things. Fif is a business mogul, actor, movie producer and and author, so his name calls for some respects.

But the Power executive producer was surprised as how he was received when he met with Kareem Abdul Jabber at the airport sometimes back.

On the other hand, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a legend and an icon in his own right. He’s regarded as one of the all-time greats for the Los Angeles Lakers, and has received praises for being one of the best basketball players ever.

50 Cent

50 Cent took to instagram to share his experience with the NBA star. 50 Cent says he walked up to the hooper on a whim one time at the airport and, upon reflecting on their exchange, he’s not quite impressed with how things went.

“Yo i was in the airport one time, i looked i said oh shit that’s Kareem abdujabar. I went and said what’s up, he looked at me like i was crazy,” Fif wrote in the caption on a picture of Kareem.

“I said oh shit well fuck you then, you old ass n***a I don’t give a fuck about a sky hook n***a, n***as been trying to kill me shhiiittt fuck you. I was mad i said something to his ass.”

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