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Chingy Finally Admits He Had A Hookup With Tiffany Haddish



Chingy Admits He Had Sex With Tiffany Haddish "It Is What It Is, It Happened"

Chingy Admits He Had Sex With Tiffany Haddish “It Is What It Is, It Happened”

Tiffany Haddish made controversial headlines sometimes last year when she claimed that she had a hook up with rapper Chingy and then he denied it. Tiffany was on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime show where she made the controversial revelation.

Ellen asked, Tiffany, “Have you ever dated a celebrity that the world doesn’t know about?” Tiffany laughed at first and then told Ellen, “Chingy?”

Ellen then followed up, “Oh yeah, did you and Chingy date?” Then Tiffany added details saying, “I mean it was a hook up. . . . That was the early 2000s y’all I don’t even know if that counts anymore.”

Chingy took to Instagram to deny Tiffany’s claim. When he was told to let it go as it’s for clout, Chingy replied “That’s a lie, and since it’s a lie I’m going to tell the truth.” The 2000s rapper added, “She used to hook up with my brother, not me.”

Fast forward to now, Chingy has come forward to admit that they did actually hook up once upon a time, but that he still doesn’t remember it to this day because he was such a heavy drinker back then. He explained what actually happened during a recent interview on ‘Fox Soul’.

Chingy Admits He Had Sex With Tiffany Haddish "It Is What It Is, It Happened"

“Imma keep it all the way authentic with you,” he said. “So now I got to tell you what happened. I actually didn’t remember. I don’t remember it, still, to this day. So I had to call my brother who I know, knows everything. And so I asked him, because back then I used to drink and shit and I was like a bowling ball, I was knockin’ ’em down. I’m talking about knockin’ ’em down.”

“So I call him,” he continued, “and I was like, ‘Ay man, did that happen?’ He said, ‘Yeah that happened, I was with her friend. You had her. One night everybody was f*cked up. We was in my room, then you and her went to your room, then whoop de whoop.’ So it is what it is. It happened.”

Apparently, Tiffany Haddish has been telling the truth all along.


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