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Blue Ivy Shares PSA On Coronavirus Using DIY Experiment – Video



Beyonce's Daughter Blue Ivy Says"Wash Your Hands Regularly" In New PSA

Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy Explains Why You Should Wash Your Hands Regularly In New PSA

The Coronavirus pandemic is hitting the world real hard and cases in United States is alarming. Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, has come out with a PSA on how to stay safe in this period.

US coronavirus deaths have risen by a single-day record 2,228 to top 28,300, according to a Reuters tally, as officials debated how to reopen the economy without reigniting the outbreak.

According to Aljazeera, the United States, with the world’s third-largest population, passed a second milestone late on Tuesday with over 600,000 reported cases, three times more than any other country.

Beyonce's Daughter Blue Ivy Explains Why You Should Wash Your Hands Regularly In New PSA

In a new video reposted by The Shade Room, 8 year old Blue Ivy is seen making a public announcement on hands washing to stay Coronavirus free. She set up a diy experiment with a container which is mixed with water and different kinds of soap.

A plate is also seen filled with the Coronavirus or any type of virus. In her explanation, she dips her finger in the soap container then puts it in the Coronavirus filled plate.. and the virus goes out. “This is why you should wash your hands and keep them clean,” Ivy added.

Watch her little DIY experiment on why you should keep your hands clean all the time :


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