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The Real’s Adrienne Bailon Doesn’t Wash Her Hands After Using Bathroom



Adrienne Bailon: "I Don't Wash Hands After Using Bathroom"

Adrienne Bailon: “I Don’t Wash Hands After Using Bathroom”

The Real host Adrienne Bailon is currently trending after she revealed to the audience that she doesn’t wash her hands after going to the bathroom.

The popular TV host siad she doesn’t wash her hands for either a number one or a number two, so long as she’s in her home.

Adrienne seemed perplexed when her co-hosts told her that they wash their hands when they use the bathroom at home. Adrienne asked the women, “Do you [really] wash your hands when you use the bathroom at home?”

Adrienne Bailon: "I Don't Wash Hands After Using Bathroom"

Co-host Jeannie Mai seemed upset that Adrienne would be so nasty. She looked at her other co-hosts and said, “Why does Adrienne ask questions like this?”

Adrienne followed up by asking, “What did I touch though, it’s my house.” Other co-host Tamara said, “You touch your behind girl.”

Adrienne corrects Tamara, and says, “No the toilet paper touches my behind.”

Watch the moment below :

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