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Idris Elba’s Wife Sabrina Dhowre Tests Positive For Coronavirus



Idris Elba's Wife Sabrina Tested Positive For Coronavirus 

Idris Elba’s Wife Sabrina Tested Positive For Coronavirus

About a week ago, Idris Elba took to instagram to reveal that he has tested positive for coronavirus, He also urged people to stop spreading the false narrative that Black people cannot get the virus.

“Please stop sending the conspiracy theory nonsense about black people not being able to get coronavirus or COVID-19. It’s dumb, it’s silly,” he said in another video he shared online.

The prolific actor continued “it’s very dangerous… Now is not the time. If you’re sending that stuff out or manifesting it, it’s not the time. People need to know facts, they need to know the truth so they can protect themselves.”


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Well, Idris Elba’s wife Sabrina Dhowre revealed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that she has also tested positive for coronavirus a week after Idris. The couple reportedly defended their decision to isolate together even though she didn’t initially have it.

“Actually, I found out this morning, Oprah, that I tested positive,” Sabrina told Oprah while on Facetime. “I wanted to be with him,” she said, adding that she felt “the instinct of a wife” to take care of him.

Idris had his wife’s back on this one despite criticism, saying that they talked about her not coming to where he was at, but she wanted to anyway. “When something like this is going on in the world, love is all you can get, who am I to turn down my wife’s support.

Idris added. “As much as I wanted her to keep safe, we presumed if I had it, the likelihood she would have it too, we calculated that risk.”


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