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Idris Elba : “Stop Saying Black People Can’t Get Coronavirus”



Idris Elba: Stop Saying Black People Can't Get Coronavirus

Idris Elba Says It’s Dumb To Say Black People Can’t Get Coronavirus

There have been conspiracy theories swirling around that Blacks are immune to Coronavirus which is obviously false because there have been lots of Black cases in Europe and Africa.

Idris Elba, one of the first celebrities to test positive for coronavirus, is urging his fans to stop spreading the false narrative that Black people cannot get the virus.

“Please stop sending the conspiracy theory nonsense about black people not being able to get coronavirus or COVID-19. It’s dumb, it’s silly, it’s very dangerous… Now is not the time. If you’re sending that stuff out or manifesting it, it’s not the time. People need to know facts, they need to know the truth so they can protect themselves.”

Idris Elba Says It's Dumb To Say Black People Can't Get Coronavirus

The prolific actor also explained why his wife, Sabrina Dhowre, seemed so reluctant to be on camera in his video announcement of his diagnosis.

“Yesterday was a lot for us. My wife isn’t used to being in the public eye like I am. And yesterday we were like the biggest story in the world. So today she… wanted to step back a little bit. It was weird because people were criticizing her for being next to me and that was bananas. They took a little bit of a mental strain on both of us. We didn’t expect that, but, fair dues,” he explained.

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