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Coronavirus – NYC Man Wearing Mask Drops Dead On The Sidewalk



Man Wearing Medical Mask Passed Out On The Sidewalk In Queens

Man Wearing Medical Mask Passed Out On The Sidewalk In Queens

Passerby were shocked at the scene where an Asian man wearing a surgical mask passed out yesterday in the middle of a crowded street in Queens.

The man was rushed to the hospital, where according to social media reports, he is believed to have died.

The man’s cause of death has not yet been determined, but plenty of people suspect that he may have died of the coronavirus. The incident occurred in Flushing Queens, an area of the city filled with Chinese immigrants.

According to reports, a man was walking down the street, when he was suddenly overcome with a bought of coughing. He collapsed onto the floor, and after a few seconds, he stopped moving.

As the video shows, officers quickly arrived on the scene, but they seemed unwilling to physically assist the man.

Watch the video below :

NYC Man Drops Dead In Middle Of Street – Suspected Coronavirus

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