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Boyfriend Murders Woman’s Daughter As Payback For Breaking Up



Boyfriend Kills Woman's Daughter As Payback For Break Up 

Boyfriend Kills Woman’s Daughter As Payback For Break Up

A terrible incident happened in Wisconsin that left a toddler, Zyana Corbin, 3, brutally murdered by and angry and deranged man.

Wisconsin authorities say that Zyana was allegedly stabbed to death by her pregnant mother’s ex-boyfriend late last month.

The Appleton Police Department arrested Demetrius Williams, 25, and charged him with first-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

According to police, Tiana recently split up with Demetrius, and he decided to get revenge against his estranged ex – who is currently pregnant. Police say that the accused killer flew into a stabbing rage after his girlfriend expressed that she didn’t want him touching her anymore.

“When Sgt. Thao asked why he wanted to kill [Tiana] and her unborn baby, he said for ‘freedom and happiness.’ When asked to describe happiness he said killing [Tiana] would mean he didn’t have to deal with her anymore and unburden him from his anger,” police wrote.

Police wrote that Zyana was found with a deep laceration to her throat and neck area. Tiana, who survived the attack, reportedly underwent emergency surgery. She and her unborn child’s condition are not immediately known.

Here’s a report from GoFundMe page :

“On 2/26/2020 Tiana age 27 and Zyana age 3 were viciously attacked by Tiana’s boyfriend. The attack claimed the life of 3 year old Zyana and left pregnant mother Tiana hospitalized in ICU due to life threatening injuries. Zyana was taken from us to soon; she was full of life and so sweet. She always would smile and brighten up the room. This unexpected tragedy has left Tiana in an immense amount of pain physically, mentally and emotionally. Not expecting to lose young Zyana, we are asking for any help towards home-going services to assist the parents for Zyana (Tiana & Lyndon) to lay their child to rest.”


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