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Secret Child Of ‘Deceased Sports Star’ Reportedly Coming Forward



Secret Child Of 'Deceased Athlete' Plans On Coming Forward

Secret Child Of ‘Deceased Athlete’ Plans On Coming Forward

Yes! you read the headline correctly. There’s a potential scandal brewing, according to one of the most popular blind item websites on the internet ‘Crazy Days & Nights’.

The website claims that a “deceased athlete” has a secret child, born out of wedlock. And that child, according to the site, is expected to come forward soon.

The report is still blurry as the website did not state what the child or the child’s mom is looking for. But what we know for sure is that¬† the mom wants her child support to continue. The website claims that she wants to ensure that her child support continues even after the “star’s” death.

Secret Child Of 'Deceased Athlete' Plans On Coming Forward

The media outlet ‘Crazy Days & Nights’ is a website that posts blind items about celebrities. While some of their reports in the past have been wrong, they have broken a good number of major stories.

Recall, the website was the first to report that Jay Z was cheating on Beyonce with a White woman and second, they broke the news that Charlie Sheen was infected with HIV.

Here is the report as culled from the news media :

“It took all of a week for a child born out of wedlock to come out of the woodwork. The parent wants to make sure payments will continue despite the death of the permanent A++ list athlete.”

Secret Child Of 'Deceased Athlete' Plans On Coming Forward

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