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Milwaukee Shooter Claims Racial Abuse – Fired After 21 Years At MillerCoors



Milwaukee Shooter Claims He Was Racial Abused

Milwaukee Shooter Claims He Was Racial Abused

The Milwaukee shooter has been identified as a 51-year-old African American man, named Anthony Ferrill. It’s reported that Anthony was a longtime MillerCoors and Molson Coors brewery employee who was set to retire in just a few years.

But he’s not going to retire. Police say that Anthony walked into his workplace yesterday, and opened fire killing 5 of his co-workers.

Then, police say he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. Milwaukee Police Department Chief Alfonso Morales told the media today that Anthony shot and killed his co-workers, after a dispute at the plant.

Online reports say that Anthony was fired yesterday, after 21 years of employment at the company, a few years shy of his retirement date. It’s not clear why he was fired or how his dismissal would have impacted his pension.

But Anthony’s 21 years with MillerCoors was anything but ideal. Anthony believed that he was being “racially mistreated” by people at the company, according to a co-worker who spoke with a local newspaper.

According to MTO, Anthony was also having an ongoing dispute with one of his co-workers, a Caucasian male. It’s not clear what the nature of their dispute was, or whether it was racially motivated.

The racial nature of this shooting has caused rampant speculation on social media. The five victims of the shooting were identified as:

Dale Hudson, 60, of Waukesha, an electrician with Milwaukee Brewery since 2008.

Gennady “Gene” Levshetz, 61, of Mequon, a powerhouse operator with the brewery since 2008.

Jesus Valle Jr., 33, of Milwaukee, a powerhouse operator with Milwaukee Brewery since 2014.

Dana Walk, 57, of Delafield, a machinist with the brewery since 2004.

Trevor Wetselaar, 33, of Milwaukee, a powerhouse operator with the brewery since 2018.


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