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White Rapper Punched For Using ‘N’ Word During Rap Battle – Video



White Rapper Gets Punched For Using The N Word

White Rapper Gets Punched For Using The ‘N’ Word

A White rapper was punched and had two of his teeth knocked out, after being punched in the face during a hip hop battle.

Many believe the White rapper may have got what he deserved, because he used the “N” word against his rival, who was Black, in the battle.

But others think a rap battle is an exception for using the ‘N’ word by a White man so he should have been pardoned.

The Caucasian rapper was getting accolades from the crowd and it seems like he was taking the lead before slipping by using the ‘N’ word.

White Rapper Gets Punched For Using The 'N' Word

He said the following lyrics, before getting punched in the jaw :

“I ain’t like these other battle rapper,

that talk too much

[They] say that I can’t use The N word in this battle.

My n*gga I . . . ”

And just after saying the word ‘n*gga’, a punch landed on his face. Although others were quick to chime in to calm the furious Black man, he reportedly lost two teeth as a result of the hit.

Watch the video below :

White Rapper Gets Punched For Using The ‘N’ Word

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