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Lord Jamar Calls Out Eminem For Wearing Will Smith “Blackface Mask”



Lord Jamar Blasts Eminem For Wearing Will Smith 'Blackface' Mask

Lord Jamar Blasts Eminem For Wearing Will Smith ‘Blackface’ Mask

Lord Jamar and Eminem have been feuding for years now and it appears their war won’t be ending anytime soon. Em dissed Jamar on “I Will” off his newly released album.

Lord Jamar had since respond to now diss track. “I figured out that I live rent-free in Eminem’s fuckin brain. I got squatters rights in that bitch. And might I say, it’s fuckin’ filthy in there,” he said.

Most recently Lord Jamar was interviewed by Vlad, where he discussed the photo of Eminem wearing a mask of Will Smith.

Lord Jamar Blasts Eminem For Wearing Will Smith 'Blackface' Mask

Lord Jamar shared a photo on his Instagram page last year of Eminem wearing a mask of Will Smith and suggested that it’s “kinda like a blackface.”

“It’s a mockery of black people, like a white dude wearing any kind of black mask is problematic and should be explained,” he began. “I just wanna know what the whole context was. Could it be explained?'”

After Vlad said that he personally wouldn’t do it, Lord Jamar explained, “I know at the time a lot people in Hip Hop — black people — might have looked at Will Smith as kinda corny and straight-laced but that’s for us to do. You can’t cross the line that maybe one of us could have done. But you as a white guy can’t do that.”

He further in his explanation that the photo in question wasn’t his first time mocking the Black community, pointing out to the leaked demo when Em was 16-years-old describing Black women as “bad” in comparison to white girls.

“You gotta put all of that sht into context when you talk about this guy… it wasn’t something that was easily found on the Internet,” he said.

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