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Someone Is Selling Melania Trump’s Used Bra On EBay



Melania Trump used bra for sale on EBay

Melania Trump’s Used Underwear For Sale On EBay

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, The First Lady Of The United States Melania Trump is currently trending after someone puts her used underwear for sale on EBay.

It’s weird putting one’s used bra for sale online and the worst part is that the person claims it’s Melania Trump’s used bra.

According to the Ebay seller, who goes by the name pbzsolu52, “seller works on the cleaning staff of a luxury hotel.”


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The seller continued explaining how he obtained the bra saying, “the bra was found by the seller in a room who’s only occupant was The First Lady Of The United States.”

He continued, “The seller’s supervisor was given the bra who placed it in plastic bag in the lost and found as directed by hotel policy.”

The seller wrapped it up saying, “After 90 days such items if unclaimed, are given to the employee who found the item.”

And it gets better, the seller claims, “Mrs. Trump left room in excellent condition, with a sizable tip.”

The starting bid on Melania’s bra is currently just $5.00.

We can’t tell the authenticity of this claims but it appears that the seller isn’t a fan of Trump’s administration, thereby trolling in his own way.

See the seller’s post below :

Someone is selling Melania Trump used bra on EBay

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