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Remy Ma Dragged For Calling Megan Thee Stallion A Scallywag



Remy Ma Calls Megan Thee Stallion A Scallywag

Remy Ma Calls Megan Thee Stallion A Scallywag – Gets Dragged For It

A week ago, Megan Thee Stallion was called a b*tch several times by a journalist and yesterday she was jokingly called a Scallywag by Remy Ma.

The Rolling Stone journalist that interviewed her was Brittany Renner and she appeared to be drunk during the interview.

Brittany started the conversation by saying, “The motherf*ckin’ scallywag is in the motherf*ckin’ building.” Throughout the brief exchange, Brittany also referred to the rapper as “b*tch” many times.

Renner was blasted for disrespecting Megan and being unprofessional. The issue was brought up on this week’s episode of ‘State Of The Culture’ where Remy Ma shared that she wasn’t bothered by the word “b*tch,” but “scallywag” gave her pause.


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“But, so look. Y’all know I’m mad literal, so I looked up the word scallywag,” Remy said while laughing. “She kinda might’ve been right by calling her a scallywag.”

Remy Ma continued, “The definition of scallywag, it was saying something like someone who does bad things, or they do bad actions, but they’re praised for it. They’re known…it’s a good thing.”

So, I’m like, Megan, she be talkin’ that sh*t. Sh*ttin’ on n*ggas, violatin’ them or whatever, and that’s why she’s like, championed for that.”

Watch the video below :

Although she meant no disrespect, Megan Thee Stallion’s fans were not cool with her comments and they’ve been dragging her for hating on Meg.

See some reactions below :

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