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Nicki Minaj Goes Hard On Rappers For Not Paying Homage



Nicki Minaj blasts rappers for not paying homage

Nicki Minaj Blasts Rappers For Not Paying Homage

Nicki Minaj is undeniably one of the greatest to ever do it if not the greatest. She’s been in the Hip Hop game for over a decade, having released many albums, mixtapes hit singles and all.

Nicki has never been involved in a ghost writer drama although she’s had some beef with other artists in the Industry. When it seems her works are about to be forgotten as more femcees begin to rise to stardom.

She had to give them a little quick reminder about her legacy, sounding warnings to those trying not to pay homage.


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Playtime is Over

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The Queen posted a clip of a recent Q&A fielded by young artists like Rap-Unzel and those in attendance, Nicki highlighted one woman’s crusade to paint her in a negative light. “My question is for the ladies specifically,” she begins.<

“Who do you look up to in the industry? Unfortunately, you don’t have many examples you can look up to. I wouldn’t say Nicki would be your example. Or you tell me if she’s your example, cause I got a question after that.” As she utters the last part, it all but translates to “I wish she would.”

“Look @ the hate & bitterness on this BLACK woman’s face when someone says they’re influence is the most dominating female rapper of the last decade chile,” begins Nicki, reacting to the woman’s disrespectful question,” she writes, in a heated Instagram PSA. “ALL OF YOU GIRLS DO THIS. SO SAD. Even male artists gotta pretend in interviews now chile. LMFAO. If you’re this weak-minded you won’t last in this game anyway.”


Nicki Minaj blasts rappers for not paying homage


“This is what’s going on behind the scenes @ award shows, radio shows, etc. They gotta say they was influenced by ppl who was rappin b4 they was born chile. Anything but those 10 little letters on a big sign. N I C K I M I N A J.”

It’s bizarre and unimpressive seeing one of the same artists to have neglected Nicki in the Q&A session revealed to have sung her praises in another interview.

Hope this youngins give Nicki the credit and respect she deserve.

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