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Love And Hip Hop’s Moniece Shares Her Unedited Nude Pic



Moniece Unedited Nude pic

Moniece Slaughter Shares Her Unedited Nude Photo

Love And Hip Hop star Moniece Slaughter did the unthinkable yesterday when she shared unedited nude pic of herself on instagram.

The reality star have been receiving praises on how beautiful she looks without photoshop or any form of editing.

In actuality, it was some of Moneice’s “imperfections” that made her even more beautiful, Moneice appeared to have some hair on her legs in the image.

Additionally, if you look carefully, you’ll see that she also has stretch marks on her hips.

There are some blemishes a good photo editor could have just erased like the stretch marks on her hips.

But she kept it real.. with the caption :

“Don’t edit my flaws. Don’t smooth out my folds. Don’t even my skin tone. Don’t smooth out the incision scar underneath my breast. Don’t smooth my face out either. Don’t enhance my eye color or the colors of my lips and eyeshadow.”

“I don’t wanna look like a Barbie. I don’t like looking shiny or perfect. I just wanna feel like myself when I look at the picture.”

See the picture below :

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