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LisaRaye Cut Ties With Duane Martin “Wouldn’t Spit On Him If He’s On Fire”



LisaRaye wouldn't spit on Duane Martin if he's on fire

LisaRaye “I Wouldn’t Spit On Duane Martin If He’s On Fire”

LisaRaye McCoy is still very much bitter about Duane Martin involvement in her marriage. She recently revealed that she wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire.

LisaRaye earlier accused Duane of introducing her husband Michael Misick to an endless parade of loose women and telling him dirt stuffs about her.

News broke then that she is accusing Duane Martin who used to be her childhood friend of breaking her marriage.

LisaRaye was recently on Wendy Williams Show where she talked more on her fall out with Duane Martin. “I just know he’s not my friend anymore, he was my brother, I called him my brother and for me, at the time, he was my example.

“Being a married couple, I wanted to be around them because I wanted [them] to show me how to be a new wife.”

She added, “He started being in places he shouldn’t have been, along with the shenanigans. I made it very clear we were not friends anymore, he was not welcome in my home anymore.”


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Then she denies saying he broke her marriage “Let me be clear, I never said Duane broke my marriage up, I said he was a friend of mine, and he shouldn’t have been in places that he was in with my now ex-husband.”

Lisa also revealed she’s cut friendship ties with him “When you tell a person, ‘You’re no longer my friend, if I see you, you don’t have to ever speak to me again, if you were on fire I wouldn’t spit on you. If I said these things to you, that means I no longer give a damn about you.’

“I know that he can not break up my marriage, no one can do that, you’re only responsible — you and your husband. But there’s a code of conduct you must have when you’re in a relationship, and he broke that, he broke the friendship.”

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