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Kim Kardashian Compared To Penguin In Batman Movie



Kim Kardashian Penguin In Batman

Kim Kardashian Compared To Penguin In Batman  Movie

Kim Kardashian is well known for having a body to die for but now that she’s growing old, reverse has been the case.

The 40 year old mother and wife has openly admitted to having a number of butt augmentation procedures. And for most of her life, her butt looked pretty good.

But now that she’s getting older her shape is starting to look bizarre.

And yesterday, the former instagram model attended a technology conference in Armenia and showed up wearing a white pant suit. And as expected, images of her began to circulate online.

Critics started saying that Kanye’s wife was shaped like Batman’s nemesis Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot also known as The Penguin.

Kim K was once seen as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Millions of women and girls wanted to look like her just 5 years ago.

But things has changed now and she’s become a subject of mockery.

If you are wondering what the Penguin looks like, here’s a pic of Penguin, the super-villain in Batman’s movie.

Kim Kardashian compared to Penguin in Batman movie



Not cool right… ?

And below is a picture of Kim Kardashian taken from the conference :

Kim Kardashian Is Shaped Like Batman Nemesis Penguin

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