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Iggy Azalea Dragged Into T.I & Nicki Minaj Top 50 Rappers Drama



Iggy Azalea T.I and Nicki Minaj

Fan Drags Iggy Azalea Into T.I & Nicki Minaj Top 50 Drama

T.I has been the subject of discussion lately after making a list of the top 50 rappers of all time on his ‘Expeditiously’ podcast.

The internet went wild especially Barbs when T.I revealed why Nicki Minaj shouldn’t be on the list.

He and his team later made a reshuffle and added few changes. they decided that Nicki Minaj has done enough to earn the forty-first spot, two notches ahead of her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill.

Then a fan brought up the time T.I and Iggy Azalea used to be connected when she had a partnership deal with him.

Iggy Azalea dragged into T.I and Nicki Minaj Top 50 rappers drama

Recall, Iggy Azalea and T.I joined forces on couple of tracks “No Mediocre” and “Murda Bizness” before falling out.

In a series of tweets, a Twitter user claimed that T.I. was speaking about Nicki Minaj because he was trying to bait her into ranting about him in an effort to get her on his podcast, Expeditiously.

“Just notice how yet again, Nicki Minaj is mainly inactive and not even in the middle of a rollout and a n*gga has her name in his mouth. Again,” a fan said.

Then a particular fan went hard on T.I dragging Iggy Azalea along, “This is bait for a Queen Radio rant as a promo for the podcast, and y’all are gonna make Nic take it.”

“Before anyone takes TI’s opinion on female rap seriously, never forget him co-signing the runaway slave master,” the fan added.

“T.I.’s issue is Nicki f*cked up his money. He propped a white girl up in 2013 hoping that her privilege would make her a superstar by way of rap and it almost worked, until Nicki crushed her into dust.”

Iggy Azalea caught up with the tweets and responded in a since deleted post. “Trying to include me in these kinds of narrative that I have zero to do with, is so tired,” she wrote.

“T.i. does not have any money tied to me, period. Me winning OR losing doesn’t have to do with his wallet & never has. Let t.i. be a hater if he wants to without involving me.

Iggy Azalea dragged into T.I and Nicki Minaj Top 50 rappers drama

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