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Fans Credit Kris Jenner As Kylie Drops Merch Following ‘Rise & Shine’



Kris Jenner gets the credit as Kylie Jenner releases Merch Following Rise and shine video

Kris Jenner Gets All The Credit As Kylie Releases Merch Following ‘Rise & Shine’ Song

Kris Jenner has been tagged the ‘super manager’ in the past and she was once rumored to be managing Kanye West and Travis Scott also.

Kris Jenner is getting praises for knowing how to cash out on every situation and she’s currently getting the credit as Kylie Jenner releases a merch following her ‘Rise And Shine’ viral video.

Kylie took to her Instagram to post a video of Stormi listening to “Rise and Shine.” In the adorable post, a smiling Stormi can be seen dancing along to the song, which is playing on the cell phone in her hand.

“You like it?” Kylie asks Stormi.

While Stormi clearly enjoys the song, it seems that she has another favorite artist, her dad Travis Scott.

“Daddy sing?” Stormi asks.

“No, baby, that’s mommy!” Kylie tells her daughter. “Mommy’s singing!”

“Daddy sing,” Stormi replies, showing Kylie the phone.

“Oh, you want daddy singing?” Kylie jokes. “I’m not good enough?”


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daddy’s girl

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Kylie Jenner’s “Rise And Shine” has been trending all over social media and turned into remixes, alarm tones and memes, with even Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande poking fun at the moment.

And just after the memes started pouring in, Kylie announced the release of hoodies with “Rise and Shine” emblazoned across the sleeves on her KylieShop website.

The hoodies also has a photo of her face inside a sun à la The Teletubbies, are for sale for $65. The sweatshirts that are perfect for sweater weather are available in black and white and are sure to sell out.


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But fans think Kris Jenner is behind it all and they’ve been giving praises to Kris for her smartness. “Bro Kylie already selling rise and shine merch, Kris Jenner don’t sleep y’all lmao,” a fan tweeted.

“I bet kris Jenner has already contacted 12 music producers and secured Kylie’s spot on the billboard hot 100. She’s gonna be performing “rise and shine” at the Grammys and stormi is gonna crawl on stage to accept the award,” another said.

See some of the reactions below :


Do you think Kris Jenner is behind it all? Share your opinion below..

Kris Jenner gets the credit as Kylie Jenner releases Merch after Rise and shine

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