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Cardi B Blasts Blogs For Using ‘Kulture’ As Clickbait



Cardi B Blasts Blogs For Using Kulture as clickbait

Cardi B Blasts Blogs For Using Her Daughter ‘Kulture’ As Clickbait

Cardi B is the type of woman that won’t allow anyone say negative things about her for clout. She’s shown her disdain for unnecessary using her name as clickbait by blogs.

Cardi’s verse on ‘Clout’ alongside her husband Offset, tells it all.

Just as she’s fighting against using her name for clickbait, she’s defending her daughter’s name also.

Cardi B who recently announced her upcoming album ‘Tiger Woods’ due in 2020 took to instagram live, blasting Access Hollywood for using her daughter as a storyline. “

Don’t play when it comes to my kid. Don’t use my kid for clickbait. Don’t f*cking cut half of the sh*t that I said about why I gotta spend time with my child,” She said annoyingly.

Cardi B Blasts Blogs Using Kulture as clickbait

Cardi then shifted  from that topic for just a moment to call out Joe Budden and his crew for speaking about her career on the Joe Budden Podcast.

Mal suggested that Cardi isn’t a real artist and just happened to have “caught a lick.” He added, “I’m not mad at it. She’s doing a great job but it’s only so long that the fans are gonna keep going back for the same sh*t. We’re starting to see a pattern here with females and rap.

“They was talkin’ ’bout, ‘Oh, Cardi’s doing other things. She’s not busy worrying about hip hop because she’s doing other money moves.”

“Yes, n*gga, I’m doing other money moves, and guess what else I’m doing, n*gga? I gotta spend time with my child! So I’m sorry that I’m not doing what y’all n*ggas expect me to do, ’cause I gotta do other sh*t and spend time with my kid!” Cardi clapped back.


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Respect. Cardi B goes off on blogs for using Kulture as clickbait! Thoughts?

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Then, she moved back to slamming Access Hollywood for writing an article that made her look like a bad mother. “The f*ck?! Then y’all n*ggas gonna use what I said, chop it the f*ck up, chop it up, and try to make me look like I’m some wack ass mom. Get the f*ck out of here!”

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