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Cardi B Allegedly Drugged And Robbed Rapper Chinx Drugz



Cardi B Drugged And Robbed Rapper Chinx Drugz

Cardi B Accused Of Drugging And Robbing Rapper Chinx Drugz

Cardi B made an explosive revelation earlier this year about drugging and robbing men. Her shocking revelation has been haunting her ever since.

Cardi who used to work as a stripper explained that she used sex as bait to drug and rob men back then.

And according to her, she needed money to pay up her bills. “How you gonna pay ya rent? Even with a regular job you can’t pay rent . . . you can’t pay a f*cking room in New York City,” she asked.

“Nah let’s be real if you have a job that pay you $300 a week – b*tch, where you gonna live at with that money???”

“If you a college student, where you gonna live at you can’t even rent a room, so what f*ck was a i gonna do? I’m gonna do what i gotta do!”

Well, it appears she has more explanation to make as a friend of late rapper Chinx Drugz is claiming that Chinx was one of Cardi B’s victims back then.

During a recent interview on the popular Youtube Channel M Reck, one of Chinx friends spilled the tea.

Chinx pal explained, “When all that came out about Cardi B robbing n*ggas, I told you Chinx was a victim.”

We can’t tell how true his claims are but the interviewer vowed to make follow ups on the allegations.

Watch the video below :

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