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Brazilian Gay Teen Beaten For Dancing With A Man At Birthday Party



Brazilian Gay Teen Beaten For Dancing With A Man

Brazilian Gay Teen Brutally Beaten By His Dad

A video is currently going making rounds on the internet. It shows a Brazilian teen getting beaten up by his father for dancing seductively with a man at his birthday party.

Reports has it that the boy in the video turned 16 years old, and his parents threw him a birthday party.



Then, the teenage celebrant was to dance and he chose a man whom they both danced seductively together.

The video clearly shows that the teen is attracted to men and it looked like they were having a good time at the party.

Watch the video of the teen gay dancing with his partner below :


After the video of the two teens dancing went viral. And when the boy’s father who isn’t in support of same sex relationship saw it. He became furious and descended on his son.

He brutally beat the 16 year old, and had his other son video it. The father then shared his video online.



Watch the beating below :


And  here are some few reactions to the video below :

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