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Wiz Khalifa Flaunts His New Snoop Dogg Tattoos On Instagram



Wiz Khalifa Gets Snoop Dogg Tattoos On His Skin 

Wiz Khalifa and his mentor Snoop Dogg are arguably one of the closets pals in the industry. The ‘Young, Wild And Free’ rappers are well known for their level of marijuana smoking.
The two have done well for themselves as per music achievement and Khalifa feels the need to idolize his mentor on his skin. 

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Tattoo artist Brian Henry shares the photo of the newly inked tattoo on his instagram page.

Wiz Khalifa also posted the Doggystyle cover etched onto his skin. If that wasn’t a clear enough tribute to the West Coast legend, Khalifa uploaded a photo of another new tattoo he got of Snoop’s face.

The superstar co-signed the new additions to Wiz’s body, commenting with plenty of fire emojis and a blue heart.

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Peep the artwork below :

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