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Wendy Williams Confronts Nicole Murphy For Kissing Lela Rochon’s Husband



Nicole Murphy Publicly Apologizes To Lela Rochon For Kissing Antoine Faqua 

Nicole Murphy firstly asserted that they were just mere family friends but when the criticism became harsh, she later apologized.

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Recently, Nicole Murphy was a guest on Wendy Williams show to promote her businesses, and there was drama from the start. 
Wendy confronted Nicole Murphy for cheating with Lela Rochon’s husband Antoine Faqua and forced her to address the photos of them that went viral.
Nicole tried to avoid the isssue, she said the picture was taken at a “moment in time.”
Initially, it appears as if Nicole answered the question and would be able to stealthily get passed the drama. 
Then Wendy threw up another photo on the screen and Nicole was lost for words, Nicole began stuttering, and kept mentioning social media and how it can make stuff look like something it’s not.
But Wendy scolded Nicole and said “quit blaming social media!”
Nicole insisted that she has apologized to Lela and she did so again when Wendy told her to look at the camera and say what she would want to tell Antoine Fuqua’s wife.
Afterwards, Nicole Murphy gave everyone in the audience something from her skincare line and gave Wendy a shirt and necklace that can also be a bracelet.
An unimpressed Wendy Williams jokingly told Nicole “stop trying to buy us” although she still took the necklace.

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Watch the dramatic video below :

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HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @Kecia.Kae Nicole Murphy appeared on The Wendy Show Tuesday to tell her side of the story after she was labeled a homewrecker for kissing married director Antoine Fuqua back in July. ___________________________________________________ During the show, she admitted serval times that she was wrong for locking lips with Lela Rochon’s husband while she was out in Italy on a business trip. She made it clear to the host that it was not planned and that they were both “just in the moment.” The 51-year-old mother who was once married to comedian Eddie Murphy, also told Wendy that she was not the one who released the first statement saying that her and Fuqua “were just family friends” who “exchanged a friendly hello and that was it.” ___________________________________________________ Murphy further explained that she wasn’t actually close friends with Rochon as the media claimed and added that she was under the impression that their marriage was not working out. Despite, that Murphy said she regrets what she did and even shared a message to Rochon, just in case she was tuned in. ___________________________________________________ Read more at, link ain bio! 📸: @wendyshow
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