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Trans Woman Accuses Malik Yoba Of Paying For Sex When She Was A Teen



Trans Woman Alleged Malik Yoba Paid For Sex When She Was 13 & 16

Actor Malik Yoba was all over the news after revealing that he loves all women and definitely attracted to trans women too. Now a trans woman is accusing Malik Yoba of paying for sex when she was 13 and 16.

The trans woman took to facebook to spill tea on him. She alleged he engaged in sexual exploration and exploitation with lots of trans women.

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According to her, Malik Yoba took advantage of them on 14th Street, Times Square and elsewhere, where minors Including herself stayed years ago.

“Surviving Malik Yoba: We had sex, when I was just a teen,” the woman who goes by Mariah Lopez Ebony wrote via her Facebook.

“For all who applaud and solute Malik Yoba for revealing he is so called ‘Trans Attracted’, understand that either because of deeper issues he has or, because of ‘society’ pushing him and others to deep, dark places, his admission to being sexually attracted to Trans women, is bound to open a Pandora’s box for him”

“Not because the women are Trans, But because many of the Trans women he engaged in sexual exploration and exploitation with on 14th Street, Times Square and elsewhere, were minors including myself.”

She added “I started seeing him personally, with my own two eyes, cruising around the meatpacking district and Village, large black Jeep, looking for Trans fem sex workers, he preferred black trans girls; pretty, slim girls, but would pick up a latinx if she was put together and/or looked mixed.”

The allegations against the actor have not been addressed publicly, but they come just days after he revealed to the world that he loves trans women.

Mariah thinks, “love” is not the right word to describe his actions:

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She continued, “What Malik paid me to do, as a 13 and 16 year old, wasnt love. His ignoring that I was clearly a child prostitute, wasn’t love. Paying for cheap thrills and secret orgasms; begging for unsafe, unprotected sex from a runaway Trans teen, while enjoying stardom as a successful artist and business man …. isn’t love.”

Tea spilled..  What do you think of this accusation?

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