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Mac Miller’s Dad Reacts To The Arrest Of His Drug Dealer



Mac Miller’s Dad “So They Finally Caught The Motherf* cker”

Mac Miller died of drug overdose at 26, leaving his family in shambles. Mac was at his prime when we lost him. He was one of the few genuine rappers the industry ever had and his ‘Swimming’ album is just one of a kind.
The Pittsburgh-native was found motionless in his San Fernando Valley home by law enforcement officials who pronounced him dead on the spot.

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After a year of investigation, Mac Miller’s alleged drug dealer Cameron James Pettit was arrested on Wednesday after authorities claimed he provided him with the drugs that inevitably took his life. The alleged drug dealer is facing 20 years in prison if convicted.

Fentanyl being mixed in with other drugs has been the main cause of prescription overdoses in the last couple of years.

The highly potent and dangerous substance can kill a human with a dose as small as the lunula on your pinky nail.

Mac Miller’s ex girlfriend Ariana Grande, had earlier revealed that she wants the drug dealer jailed for taking advantage of the rapper because he was suffering from addiction.
Miller’s family and fans gathered to celebrate Mac’s life over the weekend, playing his music and giving speeches about what he meant to them. 
Mark McCormick, the rapper’s father, was in attendance at Blue Slide Park where he gave a heartfelt speech after learning that his son’s drug dealer had been arrested.
The late rapper’s dad spoke at the memorial and gave his opinion on the matter, noting that his family finds peace in Pettit’s arrest. 
“So they finally caught the motherfucker that sold him the drugs that killed him,” said McCormick about Pettit’s arrest. “And we find some comfort in that. Many of us who were young, including me, experiment with drugs.”

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“But it’s a different fucking world out there. All it takes is a little tiny stone of Fentanyl and cocaine and you’re dead. Drugs are being laced with Fentanyl, all kinds of drugs. The one thing I would say to you is don’t take the risk. It’s just not worth it.”

I pray God continue to comfort and strengthen Mac Miller’s family and fans!

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