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Jay Z Blames ‘Single Parent Households’ Among Blacks For Police Brutality



Jay Z Links Growing Up In A Single Parent House With Police Brutality 

Jay Z has been under heavy criticism since signing a partnership deal with the NFL and he’s currently trending again for making comments that many believe are straight out of the FOX News handbook of racial politics.
HOV paid handsomely to sit on an NFL panel, with Robert Kraft and Van Jones. And the hip hop mogul sounded like he was spewing republican talking points.

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While speaking to the audience, Jay Z said that growing up in a single parent house causes people to have an “adverse feeling toward authority” which causes them to tell police “f*ck you” resulting in interactions that “causes people to lose lives.”
And Jigga didn’t stopped there, he narrowed it down to the Republican path.
Jay Z continued by saying, “we don’t want those in charge of the police areas to be in danger either. We want to be very clear. If someone commits a crime they should go to jail.”
Jay Z went on to link the problem of police brutality to politicians who “run on this.” He told the audience, “I don’t want anyone to feel defensive about what I’m saying.”
He went on to say that the broken family structure in Black America impacts police officer families & “hard working” taxpayers who pay for jails.
Watch the video below :

Recall, Jay Z once rapped “I said no to the Super Bowl, you need me, I don’t need you”, will now help select acts for the Super Bowl half-time show. 

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Now that it appears a lot has changed about Jay Z’s perception…  What do you think of this new video? 
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