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DJ Akademiks Claims Nicki Minaj Threatened Him In His DMs



DJ Akademiks Claims Nicki Minaj Sent Him Threatening DMs

Just when we thought Nicki Minaj and her feuds are on a break after her abrupt retirement announcement. It appears DJ Akademiks still has more tea to spill on her.
DJ Akademiks had earlier blasted Nicki Minaj for calling him Joe Budden’s sidepiece during her feud with Budden.

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Akademiks told Budden to cut the dialogue about Nicki’s beef with him and ask the important questions. “Ask her about Drake. Ask her why the f*ck is her music flopping,” he said. “‘Megatron’ went on the charts and fell the f*ck off in four weeks.” 
He went on to say that she can’t stay on the charts unless she’s on someone’s remix.

Akademiks said Nicki is an exceptional rapper but added that her music isn’t that great. “You can rap better than Cardi, bur Cardi making better songs,” he said. 
“When you engage with me, I have the right to speak about your music failures, and you have a lot, Nicki. You are a queen or a legend, I can never take that from you, but right now, you are drowning.”
And now it appears he is not done with Nicki Minaj yet, Akademiks is now claiming that Nicki Minaj sent him threatening DMs

“She asked me ‘Are you in New York,'” he recalled before he looks at his phone to read the message exchange. “I told her I’d be back in New York on Monday. Y’all wanna hear Nicki Minaj in my DMs today?…Nicki Minaj in my opinion in this moment in unraveling.”
Check out this sh*t. She hits me today, about two hours ago.” Before divulging the information, he says that he exists so artists don’t think that they can play the “sweet person” card in public and act differently behind the scenes.
“Let me show you who Nicki really is. I’m reading it verbatim…’You been mad since I made a joke about you with Joe [Budden] on my show. The people you rep won’t be able to stop your jaw from gettin’ broken.”
“I know too much about your family for you to be playin’ with me, you hoe ass. Where you at now?'” Akademiks said he responded with laughing emojis and she asked where he was. He said he wrote back to her saying, “Your threat is received. We’ll see each other at some point. Take care, babe.”
Akademiks later held his phone up to the camera so his viewers can catch a glimpse of his DMs before continuing to share her alleged threats. “I’m glad it’s received, rat,” Akademiks said Nicki wrote to him. “It won’t be the only thing that’s received.”

He ended it calling her “Gangster Maraj” and said she’s become more rough around the edges because she’s married to Kenneth Petty.

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Watch the video below :

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