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DaBaby Punches Fan Who Tried To Grab His Chain Mid Performance



DaBaby Throws Punch At Fan Who Tried To Grab His Chain 

DaBaby is quite known for involving himself around altercations. The rapper’s crew was recently caught on tape beating someone down who asked for a photo. 
DaBaby himself once beat up a man at a mall that was causing a scene. Apparently he’s been making headlines for awkward reasons.

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Rapper DaBaby had a performance on Friday which lasted for about 30 minutes. Things reportedly went swiftly until a fan attempted to aim for the rapper’s chain mid performance.
According to reports from TMZ, DaBaby was performing his set with only a barricade separating himself from the fans. In the clip from the show, DaBaby can be seen leaning over the barricade as he raps. 
Then at a point, several hands reach for him and one appears to grab at his chain. But we can’t verify whether DaBaby’s punch even landed, but no police were called and no lawsuits were filed so there must not have been any blowback from the fan. 

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Watch the video of the incident below :

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