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Chance The Rapper Reveals Offset Inspired Him To Propose To His Wife



Chance The Rapper Says Offset And Cardi B’s Marriage Inspired Him To Propose To Kirsten Corley

Chance The Rapper appeared on Los Angeles Big Boy Neighborhood Radio Show yesterday where he talked about his marriage to Kirsten Corley and what prompted him to propose to her.
Chance The Rapper revealed on the show that it was Offset and Cardi B’s marriage that inspired him to man up and walk his wife down the aisle.

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According to Chance, Offset gave him a prep talk not long after the Migos rapper married Cardi B secretly.

“The other thing that actually changed my life, this is great, everything is coming back to me. I was actually at Coachella when we had this conversation,” Chance recalled.

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Offset was like, ‘Everybody doesn’t know this, but this thing between me and Cardi isn’t fake.”

“We actually just got married in my backyard like a couple weeks ago and we didn’t tell anybody.’ This was before it got announced, this was before everything that has happened through their relationship.”

“Offset was like, ‘This is my wife, this is who I’mma be with for the rest of my life. So as close as we are just know that we are a million times closer and this is what we need as a family,'” Chance revealed.
“Obviously her album is dope, obviously…but like just keep it real with me if you’re gonna do this,’ and I was like, ‘Before you said all that stuff I wanted to do it but now I’m gonna do it, and I’m gonna propose to my wife soon.”

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“So that just being 100 percent clear about it: Offset, yeah, probably one of the biggest inspirations in me manning up.”
Watch the video below :

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