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Cardi B Explains Why Men Are Attracted To Her



“I’m A Motherf* cking Vibe”

Cardi B hopped on instagram to tease her fans once again and in the process she revealed why men are flocking around her.

Cardi detailed why she’s a hot cake that got the men’s attention. She listed reasons why men are so much attracted to her.

Confidence is something you have to work towards, usually resulting from a history of haters bent on making you feel otherwise.

The same way that Cardi’s Twitter thread earlier this week defending her 2018 Grammy win was inspired by people telling her she didn’t deserve it, her assurance that she’s That Bitch was birthed out of people questioning her appeal.

Cardi began her breakdown of what makes her such a catch by recollecting the days when she would be criticized by other women for being a “ratchet” stripper with “crooked teeth”.

The “Press” singer explains that, despite these supposed flaws, men would fall in love with her, as it evidently still the case because she is now married to Offset.

This enigma can be simply deciphered by considering the fact that Cardi is “that homie that n****s like to talk to, to laugh with”, and to top it off, “with good p* ssy.”


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Ight imma head out .

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While she provides these justifications, she claims there is still something about her charisma that is “unforgettable, unexplainable.”

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Just a vibe

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Her points were simply that one should have a good level of confidence in themselves, having self love for oneself and self awareness is undoubtedly the key!

Are you feeling Cardi or not…?

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