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Two Girls Fought Fiercely On First Day At School In South Carolina



Fight Breaks Out On First Day At School In Beaufort County, SC High School

Resumption to school used to be a thing of interest among teens knowing they’ll get to see their distant friends again. 
School resumed on Monday across South Carolina. Many were excited to get back to school and back to learning. While others were excited to get back to school so that they could settle old beefs.

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According to reports, two girls from Beaufort County, SC High School had “beef” that stemmed from last year and decided to settle it with a brawl on first day at school.
The two girls reportedly talked all summer on Instagram about what would happen, when they saw each other again and on the first day it went down.
The two girls who are in the 9th grade were caught on video fighting each other. And during the course of the fight, a teacher who was pregnant was kicked.

The two girls fought fiercely in the short clip but reports has it that there was no severe injuries.

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Watch the video below :

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