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Royce Da 5’9 Roasts Lord Jamar & DJ Vlad Over Eminem Disrespect



Royce Da 5’9 Blasts Lord Jamar And DJ Vlad Over Eminem Comments 

It’s obvious both Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad does not hold Eminem in high esteem and the two have been in series of interviews putting the rapper down in one way or the other.
Nick Cannon was recently on an interview session with DJ Vlad where he also doubled down on the sentiment that Eminem isn’t the hood favorite.

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Rapper Conway told Vlad that Eminem isn’t a ‘hood favorite because “there’s nobody in the hood riding around to an Eminem album. That’s just facts. I’m sure Eminem know that. He okay with that.”
Royce Da 5’9 has taken time to fire back at Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad for continuously disrespecting Eminem. He hopped on instagram live to roast the two :
“If people knew how much money he made off this shit they’d probably look at it different,” says Royce, at the onset of a livestream. “Especially Lord Jamar. You a legend in the game, you part of a legendary group. You going and sitting in this man’s couch, sitting in this man’s chair, and you running up these views cause you got so much controversial shit to say about one fuckin’ person. [Vlad] walks away with the cheque and you walk away craving attention. I don’t even like seeing n***as in that space.”
I don’t like seeing you in that space brutha.” 
“Talking about Em like ‘real n***as don’t listen to his music,'” explains Royce. “First of all, you not the measuring stick of who’s real, who’s cool. I don’t know what you think about us over here, or you think about me. I understand you said you respect 50, but the other n***as know who I don’t respect. I don’t care about none of that shit. You don’t have to respect me just don’t disrespect me. I don’t want no problems with nobody and I don’t want to have to fuck nobody up.”
“You’re not cool to me, you’re not tough to me, you’re not the measuring stick of what street n***as listen to,” says Royce. “I don’t look at you like no type of street n***a. I look at you the same way you look at Marshall. You say he talk about a bunch of shit he don’t do? I feel like you rapped about a bunch of shit you never did, and you still ain’t doing. What’s really the difference?”
“You keep bringing my name up on the show like ‘Royce would never come on the show and say anything bad about Marshall.’ You goddamn right. I wouldn’t say anything bad on your show about any of my friends. We respect what you do,” says Royce. “I respect Lord Jamar and what he stood for in the culture…I wish you nothing but the best bro. But your opinion don’t mean nothing.”
“You can not like shit from here to across the street, we don’t fucking care, neither does anybody else bro. I hate to put it to you like that, cause I don’t mean no disrespect. But you really have a false sense of what’s really going on out here in the world. You really think you can speak for real street n***as and real cool n***as? You are not cool! What have you done cool?”
“Please tell me one line you have said in your career that qualifies you to critique a top tier lyricist?” he continues.
“I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like his music, the motherfucker is in everybody top 5. You don’t get there just by being a white rapper.” He addresses that doubters will likely brush his words off as biased, despite the fact that he’s approaching it strictly from a lyricist’s perspective.”
“We was the backpack n***as. All of use, we listened to Em’s album. Everybody in the hood was listening to Em’s album, that was into lyrics.”
“Every real n***a ain’t street and every street n***a ain’t real,” he says. “Every n***a in the hood ain’t a street n**a that only want to listen to Jeezy. Every n***a that sit his broke ass on DJ Vlad couch don’t qualify to speak for real n***as. Ya’ll n***as ain’t fuckin’ cool man, ya’ll goofy as fuck!”

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Watch the video below :

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