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Rick Ross Explains Why Pusha T’s Verse Was Cut Off Maybach Music VI



Rick Ross Details Cancellation Of Lil Wayne And Pusha T Collaboration On Maybach Music VI

Fans were expecting a Lil Wayne and Pusha T collaboration on Maybach Music VI. Writer Bonsu Thompson was among the first to reveal the collaboration plan. 
Thompson makes the reveal in as since deleted tweet as follows: “Yeah ‘Port Of Miami 2‘ is hands down one of Rick Ross’ finest bodies of work (front to back).

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He continued, last qtr of album may be the most lyrical: Drake goes dumb (“Gold Roses”). And Maybach Music VI feat Weezy and Pusha.”

Hip Hop fans became surprised as Lil Wayne and Pusha T are yet to settle their differences at the time of the announcement.
Rick Ross later weighed in, revealing that both Lil Wayne and Pusha t were not aware that they’ll be on same track.
Rozay further explained that he did that in an attempt to squash the beef between the two rap stars.

“What I did with this record was something different,” Rick Ross explained. “I sent two dudes that I’m huge fans of, the record. Never discussed who would be on it, I wanted to make this shit special in a different way, causing some great niggas to put what I consider some bullshit behind them. It’s a difference between having differences with niggas and wishing death upon niggas.”
“I sent it to Weezy and he blessed that motherfucker. I sent to Pusha-T, and he gave us some dope bars. And all this was just about the music. Nobody knew who was on the record.”
But surprisingly, Pusha T’s verse was off ‘Maybach Music VI‘ when the album dropped and many started speculating that Pusha had a better verse was why he was cut off the track. We shared Pusha T’s leaked verse earlier for some real comparison.

Rick Ross showed up on Hot 97 to clear the air, explaining why he ultimately decided on pulling the “SIKE!”
“What’s so dope about it is that both verses were cleared from both parties,” explains Renzel, upon being asked by Rosenberg. “But like I said, it was more about the bigger picture, is this gonna move them two getting together & closer. Im’a take the charge for that.” He said.
Rozay continued “I didn’t feel like it was the time for that. I got the record done. I got Wayne verse first, I got Push verse. I wanted to bring them together either way or at least spark that conversation. Cause it’s gon’ come, and I feel like next year I’m going to be a part of that, when that Drake, Wayne, Kanye West, Pusha record come together.” Damn Ross. “I’m a big dreamer, it’s the boss!”

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Listen to the interview below at exact 16 minutes mark.

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