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Monica Allegedly Punched Brandy In The Face At The 1998 VMAs



Dallas Reveals Monica Punched Brandy In The Face At The 1998 MTV VMAs

It’s very obvious that Monica Arnold and Brandy Norwood were rivals in the 90s and didn’t always get along. But we never knew that Monica punched Brandy in the face when the two met up at the 1998s MTV Video Music Awards.

Monica & Brandy were both teenage R&B superstars in the 1990s. Both went on to have successful careers as adults.

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According to Dallas Austin, a record music executive Monica punched Brandy at the 1998 MTV VMAs. He made the explosive claim yesterday, in an interview on Vlad TV.
According to the Atlanta executive, he witnessed Monica punch Brandy dead in her face – before they performed. Dallas claims that the two never got along because Brandy was proper and Monica was ghetto.
Dallas told the interviewer, “Monica never liked Brandy, and Brandy never liked Monica. Monica is real ghetto when you get down to it [and Brandy was] too proper.”
Dallas continued, “At the [VMAs] before they could get  to the stage [to perform their song The Boy is Mine] Monica decked her in the face. Popped her in the face.”

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Watch the interview below :

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