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Michael Blackson Beg Fans For Money To Pay 50 Cent & They Helped



Fans Help Michael Blackson Raise Money To Pay 50 Cent 

Comedian Michael Blackson and 50 Cent were all over the news yesterday. Blackson made it known that he’s owing Fiddy and he shaded 50 Cent regardless.
When you blast someone you’re owing money you gotta be ready to pay back in no time.

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Michael owes Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson approximately $4,500 – for money that he borrowed while the two entertainers were parting at the Ace Of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles.
Blackson later admitted that he messed up by owing Fiddy and left a comment on 50 Cent’s post on IG saying that he knew that he should’ve taken the money.
Apparently he knows how Mondays go with 50 Cent.. Who had dragged couple of celebrities in the past over unpaid debt.

He took to instagram begging fans to help him with some bucks so he can pay up his debt. 

Many men wish death upon me. Please help pay my debt to this neega or I won’t be allowed in NY dead or alive.
“I owe him for the two bottles of ace of spades and $500 cash I threw on the fully dressed stripper at AOD. I owe the neega about $4500. I need all of ya to send $1 and 50 cent and I should be good.
Thanks for saving my life fans. He needs it by Monday.”
Michael Blackson then posted a picture of his newly created Cash App:
And within minutes, his fans had poured thousands of dollars into his account. 

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It was much more than he owed 50 Cent:

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