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Lil Baby Labeled A ‘Drug Addict’ After Viral Video – Watch



Rapper Lil Baby Accused Of Being An Addict 

Rapper Lil Baby real child Dominique Jones is currently trending for the wrong reason after video of him tweaking during an interview went viral.
Rapper Lil Baby was being interviewed at Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9. And during the interview, the Atlanta rapper was squirming in his seat and exhibiting what appears like drug addict mannerisms.

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Almost immediately, folks on Twitter picked up on Lil Baby’s behavior and the video went viral, trending across social media.

Lil Baby’s action was compared to that of Young Thug during a recent interview and a fan commented “Why do a lot of Atlanta artist talk like this in interviews? The body movement a trend or sum? Thug was doing the same in his recent interview”
Another commented “Thug also did an interview with @adam22 and he was tweaking tweaking 😕 couldn’t stay still at all”
See some of the reactions below :

Lil Baby has credited Gunna for showing him the ropes of music-making, Lil Baby opened up that he used to pay Gunna $100 to write his lyrics.

While many fans were surprised to hear that he used to pay Gunna to write his raps, the ATL artist insisted he never released the ghost-written material.

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 “I done paid Gunna to write my songs,” Lil Baby told German outlet 16 Bars. “I never put the songs out, but when I first started to rap I used to pay him like $100 like, ‘Imma give you $100,’ write something for me so I can try to learn how to go in there and record it.’ […] That’s how I used to practice.”

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