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Gang Livestream Drive By Murder In Texas



Latino Gang Member Shoots Man Dead On Live In Texas 

A graphic video is currently going viral, the video shows a guy recorded on live shooting dead a rival gang member in Texas.
Reports has it that the murder was carried out by Mexican gang members making it the first time such livestream murder will happen in United States.

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Rumors has it that that this killing took place in Texas and no further information on the video is presently available.
Mexican drug gangs are known for recording their murders – to put fear in the public, and to intimidate rival gangs, but this is usually done only in Mexico.
Now a new video suggests that the drug gangs may be using the same brazen tactics here in the US.
The video – which has been viewed more than a million times – shows two men driving up to their victim, who is sitting outside in front of a house. One of the men leaves the car and shoots the victim multiple times at point blank range.
You can hear Spanish being spoken between the two men.

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See screenshots below :

Watch the video below :

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