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Cardi B’s BFF ‘Star Brim & Nicki Minaj’s BFF ‘Rah Ali’ Agrees To Fight In NY!



Rah Ali And Star Brim Agrees On Fight Challenge 

Just as the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B is still fuming, both parties BFFs have also agreed on a bout somewhere in New York City.
Nicki Minaj’s BFF ‘Rah Ali’ and Cardi B’s BFF ‘Star Brim’ texted each other and the two friends to the hip hop stars have agreed on a fight.

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Cardi and Nicki started arguing, and Nicki’s BFF, Rah Ali, punched Cardi in the face giving her a knot on the head.
It all happened back when Cardi’s BFF Star Brim was in prison. Now she’s out, and is looking to settle the score with Rah Ali. 
Cardi B’s BFF ‘Star Brim’ 
Star Brim went on Charlamagne’s podcast yesterday and she reiterated that she wants to fight Rah Ali.
Watch the interview below :

Not long after the video, Star Brim reached out to Rah Ali via direct message and attempted to set up a fight.
Nicki Minaj’s BFF ‘Rah Ali’
It appears that the bout is set between the two BFFs.

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Here’s the back and forth – on the right is Star Brim:

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