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Cardi B Reacts To Controversial NFL Deal “I Think Jay Z Could Bring Back Kaep”



Cardi B Supports Jay Z On Viral NFL Deal 

Influential people keeps weighing on the controversial deal which has Jay Z partnering Roc Nation with the NFL and also scheduled to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.
Jay Z has been trending and heavily criticized because Colin Kaepernick is currently being prevented from joining a team as punishment for igniting the peaceful “Take A Knee” protests during the national anthem some years ago.

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Cardi B is the latest top figure to react to the buzzing matter. TMZ approached Cardi while she was leaving Bryant Park Hotel in New York City with a series of loaded questions.
The reporter started off by asking her to elaborate on her support of Bernie Sanders 2020, by which she feigned ignorance, implying that a split-career in politics was beyond her limits, much less host a talk show that touches on hot button issues.
She was later asked if she’d consider performing at the Democratic National Convention in the event of Bernie Sanders’ crowning, and she responded saying, “Sure, why not.”  
Then the reporter tabled his next talking point on Jay-Z’s new partnership with the NFL.  Cardi B replied saying :
“I feel like he went in there like, ‘Alright, you guys want me to work with chy’all, y’all need to bring my peoples in there. Y’all need to do things my way,’ ” she said of Jay-Z. “I feel like Jay-Z could bring back Colin Kaepernick. I feel like he has that power.”

Jay Z’s partnership deal with the NFL have garnered mixed perceptions from different people. Rihanna had earlier reacted by liking a post that calls the deal wrong and shady

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