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Brooklyn Guy Harasses Lady On Subway For Refusing To Give Her Number



Dude Harassed A Woman On Subway For Refusing To Give Out Her Number

This is quite shameful, a lady was harassed by a young man who felt offended after she refused to give him her number while on subway.

The maybe depressed dude first approached his victim as she sat waiting for the subway to take her to work on Thursday morning.

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The man asked for the pretty young woman’s number and when she politely refused him, things got ugly.

But the woman kept calm, and pulled out her phone and started streaming the interaction on Instagram Live.

The deranged man lambasted the woman and then followed her onto the subway where he continued the harass and threaten her.

Luckily, people on the train came to her defense, and eventually the man left her alone.

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Watch the disturbing video below :

Brooklyn Guy Harassed A Lady On Subway For Refusing To Give Her Number Out

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