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A$ap Rocky’s 2017 Interview Used Against Him In Court



A$ap Rocky’s Nickname ‘Harlem’ In 2017 Interview Used Against Him In Assault Case 

A$ap Rocky is still in the fight for his freedom after getting into a brawl on the street of Stockholm in Sweden some months back. He has since been arrested and now facing assault charges.
He said he and his team attacked in defense as they were being followed and threatened. Pictures of the victim’s injuries were released some days back and it’s quite bad. The video footage of the beating also proved Rocky wrong.

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A$ap Rocky has been locked up ever since and he was given a chance yesterday to prove his innocence but unfortunately prosecutors are making use of everything at their reach against the rapper.
The Blast reported that prosecutors are reviewing an interview Rocky did with RapRadar back in 2017. After he took the stand, they played a video of Rocky explaining how he met Casanova. It’s the same interview where Rocky admitted to “slipping on semen” during a jail fight.
The video was brought up because of the nickname “Harlem” which has been brought up on several occasions. The rapper admitted in the interview that when he introduced himself to Cas, he said, “In here they call me Harlem but my name Rocky.”
Officials in the case handed over text message evidence from Rocky’s assistant, Abby, who wrote, “Harlem came out he grabbed a empty bottle on the street and smashed it.” When questioned about what she meant, Rocky said, “I don’t know who Harlem is.” He added, ” don’t know, you may ask her. She says lots of things I don’t know why she says.”
Here is a recap of the dialogue below :
Question: You’ve told me you’re from New York, where in New York are you from?
A$AP: Upper Manhattan. From Harlem.
Question: Is anyone in your company called Harlem?
A$AP: No.
Question: Neither are you?
Rocky spent two weeks in prison. It seems unlikely that the nickname Harlem stuck, especially if that’s what he was referred to by other inmates during his short stint behind bars.

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Trump has issued warning to Swedish authorities to free Rocky but the threat hasn’t made any impact. Machine Gun Kelly said he’s boycotting Swedish fish until Rocky is free. Kamala Harris also made it known that Trump is misusing power in A$ap Rocky’s case.

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