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50 Cent Now Dating Lori Harvey Lookalike Model – Pics



Spot The Resemblance Of 50 Cent’s Girlfriend And Lori Harvey 

50 Cent hasn’t been seen together publicly with any girl lately and one cannot easily identify who his girlfriend is or main girl per say.
But yesterday, Fiddy’s new girlfriend came out of the closet and announced their relationship on instagram. 

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50 Cent’s new girlfriend Jamira but goes by Cuban Link on instagram. She is a beautiful young lady, a model and fitness instructor and she has tons of workout videos on Youtube. She’s also working towards her law degree.

Fans are quick to spot the striking resemblance between Jamira and Lori Harvey who is currently dating billionaire Diddy.
50 Cent brought his new love interest – Jamira to the Power Premiere and to his Tycoon Pool party. It’s a pretty big deal for 50 to bring a girl to an event with him – so she’s gotta be something special to the mogul.
She went on Instagram yesterday to tell the world how happy she is  and to thank people for supporting her new relationship.
Cuban Link also posted some pics from 50’s Tycoon Pool party, and the Power premiere:

Below are some pictures of 50 Cent’s new girlfriend :

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A post shared by @ _cuban_link on Jun 27, 2019 at 11:58am PDT

Spot any resemblance..?

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And here are some pictures of Lori Harvey…

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